Initial consultation £65 - 45-75 minutes duration

I offer an initial consultation which lasts between 45 and 75 minutes. This gives you the opportunity to ask me any questions and for me to provide you with information about the therapy and sessions. I will take some general and health details that will allow us to form an individual treatment plan for your needs. Using simple terms, I will explain how the brain works which will enable you to see how you can begin to take back control of your thoughts and your life. We will agree the likely number of sessions required and you will receive a complementary relaxing CD on the day which is yours to keep. No treatment takes place during the initial consultation.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy £65 - 50-60 minutes per session

These sessions are individual to your needs and begin by reviewing how things have been since our last session – with particular focus on the positive aspects and references to how the mind works. This is followed by a blend of Solution Focused questions and psychotherapy techniques that promote positive responses and changes. This is an important part of the session in which the client works the hardest, it then leads into relaxing hypnosis which is designed to consolidate the therapeutic work.

Simple Phobia £65 - 1 hour session

Simple phobias are usually treated within 3 to 4 weekly sessions following the initial consultation. The sessions are as follows: 1. Familiarisation – a relaxing hypnosis session 2. Rewind Session and 3. Reframe Session.

Hypnotherapy can also help with complex phobias. During the initial consultation we will explore the best treatment for you and the likely number of sessions required.

Stop Smoking £165 - 2 hours session

A concentrated session lasting approximately 2 hours. The Stop Smoking session includes an initial consultation, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and a complementary relaxing CD. Full client commitment is essential.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Everybody is unique and the amount of sessions will differ depending on the individual’s presenting symptoms, needs and goals. The client is always in control therefore, if you feel you have received sufficient treatments and are happy to continue by yourself, then you will be encouraged to do so. However, further sessions can be arranged if required.

Payments are to be settled at the end of each session with the exception of the stop smoking session which becomes due at the beginning of the session.