Client feedback

All testimonials have been provided by by genuine clients.
Surnames have been removed to protect client confidentiality.
** " After a severe panic attack while on holiday, my self esteem and confidence slowly left me. Years of working in a demanding role, caring for elderly parents and hitting the menopause all took its toll, inside my anxieties were taking control. My “stress bucket was full” to the point that I could no longer perform the simplest of tasks.

Six months ago sleeping, getting out of bed, dressing and eating had become an exhausting daily challenge. Fear had become all encompassing. Despite medication and support of family and friends I desperately wanted my life back. I needed professional help.

Cathy instantly made me feel safe. I no longer felt alone. Cathy explained the physiology behind my mental torture at our first consultation. Through Cathy’s calm and reassuring sessions I began to take back control. By achieving the weekly goals I set myself with Cathy’s guidance, my sleeping, motivation and happiness gradually returned. Through listening to Cathy’s melodic voice on a CD I have finally learnt how to relax. Because of Cathy’s professionalism and expertise I now have positive thoughts for the future, because of her I smile a lot more now - THANK YOU. "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Cath from Rochdale, who suffered from anxiety
November 2019

** " After more years than I care to remember, I no longer wake up each morning without those feelings of doom and gloom and the unexplained worries that had taken over my mind.

My every thought had previously been pretty negative and everyday events had often been something to be anxious about. When there was something important that maybe warranted real worry, those feelings became very concerning.
Panic mode would set in and anyone who has endured those attacks understands the feelings they bring.

I eventually sought help in the form of Hypnotherapy with Cathy. Over my time with her I eventually began to see my life as it really should be. Throughout our hours of conversation, she encouraged me to understand how I could take control of my mind/ brain , instead of it continually controlling me.
She helped me see, list and dwell on the many positives that were part of my daily life.
Importantly too, she taught me the benefits of true relaxation of mind and body and through soundfiles, to ensure at least half an hour of every day was given over to this process.

Cathy had the gift of helping me to help myself realise the positives around me and practise the techniques of relaxation so necessary to my change of behaviour.
Thanks to her I am a happier person, I see positives where before there were so many negatives and my whole outlook on life has improved beyond measure. Many thanks again!
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
William from Walsden, who suffered from anxiety
October 2019

** " I went to see Cathy in a mess ,and I left feeling better than I could have imagined,I had 4 sessions and it changed my life, I could do the things I couldn’t do for two years without feeling awful ,I felt normal again ,no anxiety, no overthinking no trouble doing the things I couldn’t do before. Going to Hypnotherapy with Cathy honestly changed my life ,I succeeded in my GCSE’s,I managed to get an apprenticeship, go for interviews and move on with my life in the right direction. I cannot thank Cathy Cartwright enough for what she did ,made me feel so comfortable and we had a right good laugh while fixing me! I would highly recommend to anybody to go ,at least try it ,because if it does anything like it did for me you couldn’t imagine life without it! "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Danny, from Wardle who suffered from anxiety
October 2019

** " I have struggled with lack of sleep, negativity, low self esteem, anxiety, stress and depression all my life. I have also had a phobia of spiders that has totally controlled my life. I would be hysterical at the sight of a spider. In June my anxiety levels started to increase at the thought of 'spider season' starting in September. This is the time of year the biggest spiders appear in my house and result in what I call a massive drama that could take a few hours to resolve. This year I decided it was time to do something about my phobia so I made an appointment with Cathy. Cathy took time to listen and I felt she really understood how I felt, but, more importantly I felt she was the one person who could help reduce my phobia.

At my first meeting Cathy gave me a CD to listen to each night and as and when needed. A week later I had my first full session and I told Cathy that since I had started listening to the CD I had been sleeping better. I did not understand how the CD worked but I was starting to feel more positive. In total I had three full sessions with Cathy. This surprised me as I thought I would need weeks of therapy. Now I am able to deal with spiders without having any drama and without the need for actually killing them. I also sleep well, feel more confident and positive, I have a belief in myself and I feel happy and content. I am eating healthier and have more energy. I cannot believe how much of a difference these sessions have made. Family and friends have commented on how happy I am. This massive improvement in my mental health is all thanks to Cathy and her skills as a hypnotherapist. I feel I now have a life....a happy life. I would highly recommend Cathy - I am so happy I found her website and made is the best thing I have ever done. Thank you so much Cathy.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Shelley from Rochdale, who suffered from anxiety and a phobia
September 2019

** " For months I had been suffering with social anxiety and depression, a situation that slowly developed over time leaving me in a low, dark place in my life. I had often heard people talk about mental health awareness and the signs to look out for but nobody seemed to offer a solution to the problem. That was until I attended a Health and Safety at work where Cathy was making a presentation about mental health. She clearly explained how your brain and body can be overloaded with the stresses and strains of everyday life and how that can lead to mental health problems. Not only that she offered a solution, through counselling and hypnotherapy Cathy taught me techniques to change my outlook on life and how to deal with the condition I found myself in. Two months later I am a totally different person with a positive outlook on life, Cathy has helped free me from feeling trapped inside myself and guided me from the darkness I found myself in. Thank you "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Duncan from Blackburn, who suffered from social anxiety and depression
August 2019

** " I can highly recommend Cathy Cartwright’s Hypnotherapy, I feel less stressful happier calmer and in control. Sleeping better even my blood pressure is back to normal which has been high for years, it’s changed my life for the better. Thanks a lot Cathy "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Mary from Littleborough, who suffered from stress
June 2019

** " My twelve year old daughter was suffering from crippling anxiety and was struggling to function during everyday life. As a mother I felt helpless and didn't know which way to turn. A friend recommended I try a hypnotherapist and thankfully a simple google area search led my to Cathy's website.

My daughter was feeling very nervous about seeking therapy but Cathy's warm personality and calm gentle demeanour immediately made her feel at ease. She left each session feeling totally relaxed with a huge smile on her face and after just a few sessions is feeling much more positive about life in general. In my daughters own words "I have no idea how it works, but it just does!".

It's such a huge relief to see her smile again and would not hesitate to contact Cathy again should those negative thoughts ever start to creep back in.”
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Laura from Milnrow, whose daughter suffered from anxiety
May 2019

** " After suffering with a bout of anxiety and awaiting results of an ECG at my Doctors I picked up Cathy's leaflet at the surgery. I admit I was sceptical but from the minute I met Cathy for the initial consultation I was on the road to recovery. It has been an amazing journey of understanding why I was feeling the way I did. Cathy's total professionalism and warmth was amazing and my recovery has been unbelievable. While seeing Cathy I have had additional issues such as an accident and through it all Cathy helped me focus on the positives which has been a dramatic change for me. All I can say is thank you Cathy for getting my life on track. I would totally recommend Cathy to anyone struggling to contact her because no one should be trapped in a negative cycle.

I want to sincerely thank you for working with me and bringing such a positive effect on my life. It wasn't an easy decision because I am going to miss our laughs and positivity but feel so much stronger. I am crying tears of joy writing this...Seriously can't thank you enough xx
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Lyndsey from Litteborough, who suffered from anxiety
May 2019

** " I went to see Cathy at a low point in my life when I was feeling upset about various personal issues and also suffering from chronic neck pain.
She made me feel so much better about myself and life in general helping me to cope with my pain.
Sessions with Cathy and the sound file she provided helped me to relax and I feel so much better these days.
I am very grateful to her and for what she has done for me
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Sara from Littleborough, who suffered from chronic pain and anxiety
May 2019

** " I went to see Cathy because I was struggling with IBS, negative thoughts and low confidence.
From the outset, I found Cathy very approachable, professional and easy to talk to.
She's got such a happy, positive, addictive personality and is excellent in her profession. I feel so much better. Thank you Cathy, I'll be forever grateful. X
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Charlotte from Birtle, who suffered from IBS, negative thoughts and low confidence
April 2019

** " Fresh thinking hypnotherapy provided me with the tools to support myself in changing my mind set for the better. Cathy was most welcoming, non judgemental and most importantly the positive voice I needed at that time in my life. Thank you :) "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Jennie from Wardle, who suffered from anxiety
March 2019

** " I contacted Cathy when I found that my social anxiety was getting in the way of setting up the business I’d dreamed of for years.

We established a rapport from the very first appointment (I don’t know how you couldn’t establish a rapport with Cathy - she’s very open, warm and good-humoured). I found her positive-focused (or solution focused) approach really worked, and I left her that first week feeling emotionally lighter.

I also found that very quickly my interactions with others became a lot less angst-ridden, and I started to do things without worrying (which is absolutely amazing!). Cathy teaches you the scientific reasoning behind her hypnotherapy, which worked well for me, as I always like to know the purpose of what I’m doing. I would definitely recommend her services.

In fact I will be recommending her to all and sundry! You will feel safe in her hands, and it feels like you are going to see a friend each week, rather than going for a professional consultation. I can honestly say I have never laughed as much in my life as I have with Cathy.”
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Sally from Littleborough who suffered from social anxiety
November 2018

** " I decided to try hypnotherapy as a way of helping me to manage my weight, without the ongoing struggle of diet regimes. I knew I needed to take control but really wasn’t sure how to do this in a lasting and meaningful way.

From the very outset what Cathy said made sense and I walked away from the introductory session feeling lighter in mood and more positive about achieving my goals.

One of the immediate impacts of the hypnotherapy was the amazing difference it made to my sleep; just being able to have more than a few hours sleep at a time made everything else so much easier to deal with. It was also a realisation that not having enough sleep was contributing to my stress levels which I think I had just become so used to that I didn’t even know I was stressed.

It has been so helpful to be able to challenge myself and my thinking and look much more to the positives in my life. This way of thinking is now becoming the norm and although I know I still have a way to go, I don’t feel pressured or worry about managing my weight. I believe this will happen as I continue to change the way I think, not just about the weight but about people and life overall.

Cathy is one of the loveliest, most positive people I have ever met. In a very short time I have been able to make changes to my thinking, feel more confident and have much more belief in myself as a result of Cathy’s support and encouragement. It really has made a difference to my life.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Paula from Milnrow – Weight Loss Client
September 2018

** " Imagine being surprised with the holiday of a lifetime by a loved one and smiling on the outside while being gripped by anxiety at the fear of taking 5 flights. That is how I felt until I met Cathy. From our first meeting I felt relief, hope and confidence. She gave me the courage to talk about my fear and then allayed any anxiety I had through her calm and positive messages. The side effects of working through my fear with Cathy are that I also have more confidence in approaching situations that would normally worry me and cause me anxiety allowing me to apply the strategies she has given me to tackle everything in my path. I am now a confident flyer who looks forward to travelling and I can’t thank Cathy enough "

This photo is of me sat on my own with the children. That would never have happened before I met you
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Rachel from Rochdale who suffered from an extreme fear of flying
August 2018

** " After 27 years of permanent, sometimes crippling, anxiety, I thought I had tried everything. I found mindfulness helped, but nothing really got to the root of the problem. I picked up Cathy's card in Fairfield hospital, thinking ,if it was on NHS premises, at least it couldn't do any harm! After my first session, I was amazed.

The anxiety seemed to have miraculously disappeared. I was a bit worried it was just a flash in the pan, However, as my sessions continued I found that I was less depressed and my self esteem and self confidence returned to levels I had forgotten I had ever had. Along the way, I have had several dips, but have learned that I can bounce back with the help of Cathy's techniques, and also that anxiety in normal people (which I now consider myself to be) occurs because of real life, and goes away when problems are dealt with.

I continue to get insights into how my mind is working, and use them to support my recovery. The best result is that my wife says it's like living with a new man.

Thanks for giving me my life back Cathy, and for the laughs we had along the way!
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Rod from Tottington, who suffered from severe anxiety and depression
August 2018

The Hypnotherapist

She helped me take control back
When my body had gone awry
She helped me to stop the tears
That my eyes had begun to cry.

She helped me to focus
And to achieve success
She even helped me to stay calm
And stopped me lying in excess.

Thank you Cathy
For all of your aid.
You helped me take my life back
When happiness began to fade.

Written by GF Knott in June 2018

** " I come from the Rochdale borough. I sought Cathy’s aid in helping me deal with the stress of my academic life and in taking control of my body in a time where my grasp on my actions was tenuous to say the least. She helped me to deal with my problems when I couldn’t properly deal with them myself, and quite possibly saved my future from falling into disrepair by doing so. Thank you Cathy. "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
George from Rochdale, who suffered from stress in his academic life
June 2018

** " I was in a very dark place, clinically depressed suffering from anxiety for the first time in my life, had treatment from the NHS but it had not helped so I turned to Cathy. From my first session talking and listening to the CD I felt that I had a future in life. As the sessions went on my sleeping returned to normal no more 3am waking, my confidence returned no more avoiding people my head finally cleared and I could think straight. Without Cathy I don't know where I would have been. "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Stephen from Prestwich, who suffered from depression and anxiety
December 2017

** " Cathy’s solution focused sessions are just amazing! They are a must for anyone suffering from depression and negativity in their life.

After only a few sessions, I felt much better. My life is more focused and Cathy is always around should you need extra help, and I am now, with the help from Cathy, setting new goals into place for the future as I now have more confidence and able to explore different areas in my life and career
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Jackie from Milnrow who suffered from anxiety
December 2017

** " I would like to thank you so, so much for freeing my mind of all the negativity that was stored up in my ‘stress bucket’

It took a lot for me to ask for help and I am so glad I chose you to help me.

After years of suffering in silence with very little support from family and peers, I took my first positive step.

The way in which you explained how I was thinking was really easy to understand and your kind, soft voice helped me to feel at ease.

The sessions were nice and informal with the wonderful relaxation at the end which helped me to realise that I have never really known how to relax and turn my ever thinking brain OFF!

After a few lovely sessions, I noticed that I was no longer worrying about running my business, training my puppy and generally worrying about my daughter who is now a grown woman. All the day to day stresses and strains have just melted into positive and achievable goals. I have also learnt to say “No” instead of trying to squeeze things in to suit other people. Although it is nice to help others, it is a lot better if I put my own well-being first.

Your sessions have helped me to turn my life around and that is all thanks to you, your expertise, knowledge and kind nature.

Thank you once again.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Lisa from Newhey who suffered from anxiety
July 2017

** " Before coming to Cathy I was struggling with my anxiety and negative thinking, I would have anxiety/panic attacks where I blackout from the world, it become more frequent over the years that I was worried about my safety. I did some research on the NHS website to see what's causes it and if I could control it, while reading I came across the word hypnotherapy which took me to all the certified hypnotherapist recommend by the NHS (which reassured me they was legit) I went through the websites and the one that stood out for me was Cathy Cartwright with Fresh Thinking Hypnotherapy. I studied her web page and when the leaflet came through the door I phoned up immediately.

My first consultation I was nervous even anxious but it melted away as I sat down, I felt comfortable opening up to Cathy she made me feel welcome and helped me navigate my mind. I always looked forward to my sessions and I noticed a change, I felt more positive toward myself and the way I looked at things. I would truly recommend Cathy Cartwright and Fresh thinking hypnotherapy to anyone especially those that need a positive boost, she helped me become the old me, the best me and even better. Thank You Cathy

Thank you Cathy for helping me to conquer my negative thoughts.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Sophie from Newhey who suffered from anxiety and negative thoughts
July 2017

** " For years I had been suffering progressively worsening anxiety. I had got to the stage of hardly being able to leave the house and was living in a world of negative thoughts and gloom. I had tried prescription medication and CBT with three different counsellors, none of which worked.

By chance I found one of Cathy's leaflets and thought I would give it a try. What had I to lose?

Thank goodness I did. After just one session with the lovely, calming Cathy I could at last see the light at the end of this very long tunnel. She helped me turn from negative to positive thinking and showed how I could empty my "stress bucket".

After several sessions I am now so much calmer, have no problem leaving the house and feel I have been given back my life. If ever I have a negative moment I think of Cathy's voice saying "I can, I will" and positive feelings come flooding back.

Thank you so much Cathy. You have changed my life.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Anne from Whitworth who suffered from anxiety
July 2017

** " I am more than happy to recommend Fresh Thinking Hypnotherapy . I was in a bit of a rut when I first went to see Kathy. My mind would only let me think negative thoughts which led to severe anxiety and low feelings. I thought I was in a place from which there was no escape, not a good place. I admit to being a sceptic before I attended my first session but this was just another negative. Kathy made me feel so relaxed with her friendly, personable nature and even more relaxed with the wonderful hypnotherapy. After each session I felt more and more relaxed and positive and I am delighted to say I now have my life back. If I slip back into negativity I just listen to the free audio recording provided by Kathy. So glad I did it. "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Martin from Norden who suffered from severe anxiety
July 2017

** " Hi Cathy, just thought I would give you an update. I am continuing to have better night sleeps and teeth grinding has definitely reduce. I very rarely wake with sore gums and night time coffees are a thing of the past. I no longer worry about issues that are out of my control no matter which direction they are coming from. Thank you. Hope you are well too x "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Janet from Rochdale who suffered from Bruxism
May 2017

** " I've seen Cathy 5 times now on a weight loss hypnosis block booking. I am very happy with the results and plan on booking intermittent sessions as I feel it's really helped with my confidence and positivity, in fact it has given me a whole new outlook on life. My son has autism and confidence issues and I have booked him in for his first session as I'm sure Cathy can also help him. "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Rebecca from Littleborough – Weight Loss Client
April 2017

** " Before my sessions with Cathy, I felt as if I couldn’t get a grasp on what was happening in my life. I felt lost and stuck in a vicious circle of doubt and depression, as if I were powerless over what was happening in my life. After my consultation with Cathy and her explaining how the human brain works and how the sessions would help me empty my “stress bucket”, I felt like I may have just found the answer to help me not feel so overwhelmed.

I was surprised by how quickly I started feeling the effects and only after the first session. I felt as if I was thinking more clearly and focusing on more positive things in my life rather than hanging on to the negative. This continued and got even better with each session.

Not only the hypnotherapy but also speaking with Cathy each week really helped me, she is such a lovely person and so easy to talk to. I truly believe that my weekly sessions with her, have helped me cope with my new life in the UK and not only have I noticed a positive mental change, but I have finally started to lose the weight that I gained since moving here. It was such a struggle before but now it is so much easier.

I feel great with the changes that have been brought on since then and put what I’ve learned into practice every day to make sure that I continue to see such great positive changes in my life.

Even after my therapy has ended, I continue to listen to the CD provided each night to help me fall and stay asleep, it is great tool to ensure that I get the deep sleep that I need and has positive assurances to keep me in my positive brain.

Just want to say thank you, Cathy, for all your help. I truly appreciate everything you’ve helped me accomplish.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Amber from Norden - Weight Loss Client
February 2017

** " I booked sessions with Cathy to feel more comfortable in company.

Cathy made me feel relaxed and at ease from the beginning. She explained the process clearly, and listened to my reasons for attending, and didn’t make any judgements. In fact she actually supported my right to feel how I did, which was reassuring even before hypnosis.

I have had hypnosis before and was fully aware throughout those sessions. In Cathy’s I was nearly fast asleep!!!

I listened to the CD she gave me. Even after the first session I was aware that my reactions to the CD was changing to a more positive view of myself. I found myself in situations which I would have felt uncomfortable in, and was surprised to see how confident I felt. No changes in how I fitted in. Just much more comfortable in my own skin, which is what I really wanted.

I had 3 sessions in all, from my choice, and a good 2 months on am still benefitting from the results.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Cathy, and would certainly go back if I had other issues to address.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Karen from Rochdale who suffered from social anxiety
December 2016

** " At a time when I felt there was no option but to accept the way I was, and after several attempts to be rid of my anxieties and darker moments, Cathy helped me understand why I was like I was.

A professional approach to all that she did, coupled with endless patience, gave me all that I needed to overcome quite deep set problems. She has also left me with the knowledge I need to get through any future recurrences.

I would recommend Cathy in an instant
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Jez from Bolton who suffered from anxiety
December 2016

** " I was suffering from stress and brain overload whilst running my own business for many years. I was a bit reluctant to seek advice from anybody at first as I have suffered from shyness, anxiety and lack of self-confidence through being physically abused from when I was at boarding school. Other issues I have had to deal with during my life have added to the stress.

I made an appointment to see Cathy after reading great testimonials on the internet. Cathy helped me understand how the brain works when coping with stress. Importantly Cathy taught me how make better decisions through relaxation and hypnotherapy. Cathy and I worked together through simple positive steps to tackle my problems.

My life is now much happier after a series of consultations. I can now independently deal with the day to day running of my business. My decision-making is much clearer and I have increased sales in my business through my positive thinking. I now have better relations with my customer base. My life in now in my control.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Stephen from Bamford, Company Director who suffered from anxiety, stress and a lack of confidence.
December 2016

** " I have suffered from OCD since I was 9 years old. I have been on anti-depressants for 12 years and before that on and off. Nearly all of my life I have had negative and intrusive thoughts - Then last year I was at an all-time low I  started suffering again   with depression and  derealisation and  social phobia and anxiety.  It was affecting my life in a big way - I have seen psychologists, counsellors and even had hypnotherapy on the NHS - none of it seemed to work.

Cathy was recommended to me - she has been so patient and she always puts me at ease and is a good listener and she explained to me in simple terms how the brain works and why it works in different ways - and a relaxed body gives you a relaxed mind and that's where the hypnotherapy comes in - and the relaxation CD which Cathy gave to me I listen to every night and this has helped me sleep better.  She has taught me how to see things differently - To think about the positives of the day and not the negatives.  I felt like I was going mad but since I've been seeing Cathy I have realised that wasn't the case - my brain was tired and relaxation and hypnotherapy does help.

Since I've been seeing Cathy I can see how far I have come as I am no longer taking anti- depressants anymore which I never thought would happen - if Cathy can help me then she can help anyone 100%.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Sharon B – from Heywood who suffered from anxiety and depression
July 2016

** " Cathy delivered a guided relaxation session in the workplace to a small group of participants who had recently experienced situations which they found stressful. Cathy introduced simple meditation techniques allowing the staff members to de stress and give their body and mind the chance to recuperate.

As a direct result, at the end of the session the participants said they felt refreshed, could think with more clarity and generally felt more positive.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
MF from a Primary School, Rochdale.
January 2015

** " Cathy has been helping me with confidence and anxiety issues. Her knowledge and sensitivity have helped me to deal with situations and problems more effectively, turning my thoughts and actions from negative to positive. Through working with Cathy I now have a clearer, positive perspective and outlook. I feel happier with my life and more peaceful in myself "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Claire from Rochdale who suffered from confidence and self esteem difficulties both professionally and personally.
September 2015

** " I had been suffering for some time with fear, anxiety and had a fear of reservoirs. I was also suffering from depression. I really needed to sort out my problems and decided to seek a different kind of treatment/therapy. A friend recommended Cathy to me.

I had a few sessions. I was a little apprehensive about broaching a new kind of way of dealing with my feelings but, from the very first session, I departed a different man. There was a change for the better. Cathy made me feel at ease, enough to talk about things; I was very relaxed. She is very easy to talk to.

We discussed my issues and she made me look at things from a different perspective. She taught me how to think differently, in a clearer and more focused way when things were troubling me. Cathy explained how the brain works in simple terms and the parts that are there to protect me. During the second part of the session, I listened to the music and her soothing, calming voice made me so relaxed that I went into a world of my own. I had a feeling of leaving my body and going somewhere else but returning feeling very comfortable, more confident and positive.

I now deal with my feelings completely differently in every aspect of my life, from personal to business. Friends and family have noticed a massive change in me. I feel good.

I would certainly recommend this lady to anyone with underlying issues. She is a true professional
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Alan from Chadderton suffered from confidence and self esteem issues in addition to having a fear of reservoirs.
August 2015

** " Having suffered with Bruxism (teeth grinding) for the past ten years, it was suggested to me that Hypnotherapy might be helpful. I had never previously had Hypnotherapy and although I had encountered a number of individuals who gave positive feedback regarding its effectiveness, I was sceptical to say the least.

Cathy did not make any outlandish claims as to the effectiveness, but was confident that Hypnotherapy could help me to relax. The treatment itself is very relaxing.

I noticed a difference in my Bruxism straight away. Cathy clearly understands how to help people access and address negative sub-conscious actions.

I personally intend to continue my treatment and would not hesitate in recommending Cathy to others”
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Karl from Middleton who suffered from Bruxism, stress and depression.
November 2014

** " I had a number of Hypnotherapy sessions for both general relaxation, de-stressing and for public speaking. In every case I have benefitted beyond my expectations.

Cathy’s lovely personality made me feel completely at ease very quickly. She is a very genuine lady, thoroughly committed to helping and her determination and care are powerful forces behind her absolute professionalism and expertise in her field.

The relaxation and de-stress sessions were not only enjoyable in themselves but they had long lasting effects. I felt that I had greater reserves of patience in dealing with all manner of situations, from issues at work to the children arguing at home! The sessions gave me a calm centre from which to control situations rather than feeling that I was being carried away powerless on the tide of events and the emotions created by those events.

As regards public speaking, the benefits were enormous in minimising nerves – especially in the days running up to the event. Normally nervousness would overshadow the event, but this time I could focus on the positive aspects of the event which made the whole experience more enjoyable.

I felt very much in control whilst making my speech and I am convinced that this aided my success. Cathy promoted self-belief and made me focus on the task in hand in a more detached manner so that I could make the speech to the best of my ability without being distracted by nerves and personal considerations of how I would come across. Instead, Cathy encouraged me to focus on what it would take to succeed and cleared a path for me to apply myself to that task.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cathy sessions to anybody considering Hypnotherapy
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Sharon from Prestwich who suffered from performance anxiety and a fear of flying.
July 2014 and January 2015

** " After trying every diet known to man, I finally decided to try Hypnotherapy. With an open mind, I contacted Cathy.

Cathy from the moment we first spoke, made me feel at ease. I did not feel silly telling her about myself and what I wanted to achieve. After my initial session, I had every confidence Cathy was the right person. She is such a warm, welcoming yet professional person who listened.

My Hypnotherapy focused on weight management and my chocolate addiction. I felt amazing, relaxed and fully enjoyed it.

Since my Hypnotherapy, I cannot believe how I have not even thought about chocolate. The scales are moving in the right direction and I just feel simply amazing.

Really looking forward to my next session with Cathy, it has been life changing
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Jill who had hypnotherapy for weight management.
August 2015

** " Bruxism persisted with me for months. It was a habit of grinding my teeth that I suffered from for a long period of time. Everybody around me commented on the noise I made and this made the situation much worse. The sufferer doesn’t realise that they are teeth grinding all the time. I had terrible loud noises in my head from the constant grinding.

I was referred to the hospital dentist with a view to having Botox treatments. Hypnotherapy was suggested to me. I was very sceptical to say the least, but as I was suffering so much, I was prepared to try anything.

The first session of Hypnotherapy was very pleasant. I felt very calm, relaxed and I noticed afterwards that my teeth were quiet for a while. As the sessions progressed, I noticed a significant reduction in my teeth grinding – my teeth were quieter for longer periods. After about five sessions, the grinding had stopped altogether and months on down the line, has not returned. Peace perfect peace!

I attended an arranged appointment with the hospital dentist who discharged me saying that as I was no longer experiencing Bruxism, I didn’t require any treatment with Botox.

All I can do is thank Cathy for bring peace to my mind and to my teeth. People have noticed a huge difference. I am no longer sceptical about hypnotherapy and would highly recommend it.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Neil from Rochdale who suffered from Bruxism.
August 2015

** " To say I had a phobia of the dentist could possibly be the understatement of the 21st century, so when my dentist advised that I should have a back tooth out the feeling of panic was immense.

A bad experience in my early teens had left me with a crippling fear and even phoning for an appointment could leave me shaking and in floods of tears.

I was referred to Cathy and after my initial consultation we both agreed my course of treatment should be two de-stressing sessions, a rewind session and then a reframe session.

Cathy gave me a copy of her CD to listen to - which I did, every night.

The day of my appointment arrived and I listened to the CD the night before and again in the morning, I even took my I-pod with me to the dentist. To my surprise I remained calm and totally in control of my emotions and was in and out of the dentist in 35 minutes, the actual procedure took about 20 seconds - I don't know who was more shocked - me or my dentist!!

I still listen to my CD most nights. I feel much better about everything, my job, my home life, my stress levels are down and I'm sleeping much better (and for much longer).I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who has a phobia or is generally stressed in their lives - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Tanya from New Moston who suffered from a fear of the dentist
December 2015

** " Hi Cathy, I just wanted you to know I think I’m cured :) my flight was fine even when there was turbulence I was calm, it didn’t bother me! Thank you so much for your help! "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Shona from Bolton who suffered from a fear of flying
December 2014

** " Before my sessions with Cathy, I was just getting by from day to day. I’d had two bereavements several years ago which resulted in me not feeling confident or good about myself, I had low self esteem and life was a struggle. I felt that I had nothing to look forward to. Cathy explained how the mind works and taught me valuable techniques for life. I feel back in control of my life now and more confident! I have walked out of the dark and into the light…thank you Cathy! "
Rochdale Hypnotherapist
Mel from Royton who suffered from depression and anxiety
August 2015.